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Warsaw - The bumpy entry in to Warsaw and the Kosmos Kosmos gig


Greeting from Warsaw! About time too! That was one epically long car journey. Try 23 hours! We left Amsterdam at 12pm on Thursday, all quietly dreading the 14 hour drive we had ahead of us. A mammoth traffic jam just out of Berlin saw to that journey being a distant dream. To this day we still don't know what the cause was. We were directed off the motorway before we saw the route of the cause. The dreaded red stream of break lights set our collective thoughts; we ain't moving from this joint anytime soon! 2 hours in and less than 100 kilometres covered; a cigarette is a must. There was denying it. Tom, Callum and myself hopped out of the van, with the plan to continually walk forward so that we were never far from the van. We thought this plan was fool proof. Turns out, fools were its main prescriber. Half a cigarette down; and Tom decides to get back to the van. He must have sensed what was coming. Callum and I stayed by the side of the road with no hesitation. There way plenty of time...no there wasn't! The stagnant res lights from the cars wasn't so stagnant anymore.we has movement! And we weren't in the van! We stubbed out our cigarettes and ran in the direction of the cars. But they weren't stopping! Every time we got closer to the van, it ventured further away! We are going to have to step up the pace! Callum grasped my hand as we started to run at full pelt towards the van. What must we look like! Sod that...are we going to make it! It was us against the cars. Adrenalin took over as we surged forward to catch our van in the distance. We could see it clearly now. One last blast and we will have made it. Ready...go! We made it!

After a long, all too familiar drive we had made it to Alex's house at 7:30am. I can honestly say I can't remember the last time I was so pleased to arrive at someone's house! It was long overdue. And what's that? A warm shower, that works? Don't mind if I do! And my what a pleasant experience. The hot water beat down on my skin warming my muscles and healing my tired head. It was wonderful. I didn't want to get out. Refreshed and rejuvenated, I was ready to embrace optimism...after a sleep. 

The time had arrived for the gig at Kosmos Kosmos. This was a smallish venue located in the centre of Warsaw. It was a funny little venue. Its decor was futuristic silvers and whites with spaceships and planets patterning the walls. The toilets had a sliding glass door, leading in to pod-like toilets, like those on a spaceship. This was a quirky venue. Quirk is good. I have love for the quirk. The gig was edging closer, and spirits were high. I think we all had the common belief that this was The Gig; we had really enjoyed our time in Poland, all be it short, we had all recovered from our sleep deprivation and were all feeling pretty positive. And there were loads of people there! ...Although all of the gigs had been a positive experience, that was a first. Yep, this was going to be a good gig! ...and we were right! The gig went so smoothly!  The band were on fire! The most in sync I've seen then yet. And the crowd were loving it! Including Emily and I at the front; the proud girlfriends. This is the part that makes all the hard times worth it. I can't really put in to words the feeling I get when I watch Callum play. It's quite lovely. So what's the verdict...a rather enthusiastically requested encore, 25 EPs sold and an amazing night had by all. Success! Check out the band EP on www.gruzmusic.com 

A great gig, good banter, and an actual bed to come home to...today was a good day. 

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Today was began with an easy start. I awoke at 9am to find Callum sprawled out over his side of the tent with a content smile on his face. I wonder what he was dreaming about. We were due to leave for 12pm, so we were in no massive rush. And everything was in its correct place, after I packed and organised it all last night after a few games of 'cheat' with the group down by the communal chill area at the campsite. Its strange being cooped up in the van again. Can't say I'm a fan. Callum seems to be coping sufficiently though. Peacefully asleep in the corner with his mouth open. Cute! He could do with the rest; he's had a rough tummy for the
Past couple of data. As have I. We are so ginger!I think it's getting better rather than worse though. Here's hoping! 

We are on our way to Alex's summer house in Poland. I'm quite excited about this. The invitation of a warm shower and a home cooked meal sounds simply amazing! We're not long in to Germany. We have a long way ahead of us. And no amount of food seems to be making it interesting. The last journey that was over ten hours was our first one, from Brighton to Germany. That seemed to pass a lot quicker. Maybe it was the novelty. But right now, ten hours in a van is at the bottom of activities I'd like to part take in. Got to be done though, and it will be worth it!

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. I think I'm slightly anxious that I've got things to be sorting out at home and we've still got just over a week to go. It will be great though, I think I'm just getting a bit homesick. Something definitely worth a mention however, is that I now have fingernails! I have always bitten my nails, for as long as I remember. Around Christmas, I made a conscious effort to grow my nails, and I succeeded for a while. But for the last free months, I have unknowingly been growing my fingernails. I am very please with this. I think this is a sign that things are on the up.
I think sleep is calling. I can dream my way closer to Warsaw. 

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Amsterdam - The Waterhole gig


We have not long arrived at The Waterhole in for the last gig of Amsterdam before we set off to Warsaw, Poland tomorrow. It was a reasonably relaxed day today. Neither Callum or I had charge on our phones so we woke up our own accord at 10:30am. We probably needed the extra sleep; our tent isn't the most comfortable of places. We took a casual stroll to the tram stop about 10 minutes away from the campsite, to catch the tram in to town. I think we needed some chill time on our own to regroup. The intense lifestyle of the tour has worn us both out and made us a bit grumpy at times. It's not us, just the situation we are in. It's a lot to ask of a reasonably new relationship. But we're managing pretty well. Just needed some downtime together. It was much easier actually knowing where we were going. If there's one piece of advice to offer; not knowing where you are going when you're travelling can be alsorts of fun...when you have the time to do that. If you're on a time limit, knowing where you're going is best. Get to an Internet cafe and google addresses of where you need to go, so that you avoid confusion and time delaying. One thing I have realised from this trip is that when in a group of people, compromise is vital. Everyone has a plan, a task they need to do, a place they need to see. Accommodating everyone can be a difficult task. It's important to stay calm and not lose focus.

We went for a chilled beverage at Wonderbar, which has seemingly become our favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. We were sad to see that Chris wasn't there, as that would be our last visit there. We got some drinks as we discussed what we needed to do and had chats about the whole experience so far. No Shisha this time though :-( we are living an extremely budgeted lifestyle from now until we return back to the UK. We went about our day with a much more laid back fashion to previous days on the trip. It was great. Just what we needed.

The gig hasn't gone as well as expected so far. I think the general mood of the group has been a bit low today. They are all worn out. Repeated power failures have made the band a bit nervouse. However, dispite a few false starts, they have managed to get the groove back. Callum was saying earlier that he's really happy that he can play at full pelt tonight. Lastnight's gig had a strict rule of no more than 80 decabells. Callum found this quite tasking to follow. He's more of a...passionate drummer. In other words, he likes his loud beats! At least tonight he's free to let lose. And my, he looks quite the handsome fellow when he does! Fully in his elements, loving life. That's what we like to see. When the gig has finished I expect we will have a celebratory explore of the nightlife that Amsterdam has to offer. Thank you Amsterdam, you have served us well. Goodbye, but not farewell. We will be back!

Know the stats:

Time spent: 4 days, 4 nights
Money spent: 60 euros
Top spots: Wonderbar Cafe; Nieuwendijk centrum street, Chocolaterie; Haar lemmer straat, Centrum,
Overall chillometer score: 7/8 chills

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Amsterdam - CC music bar

all seasons in one day

We are chilling out at the CC music bar in Amsterdam. It's a really chilled out vibe here. I realise that ever sinse we reached the Dam, I've been resorting to that phrase whenever something needs describing. But it's pretty accurate. It's just 'lush', Callum agrees. It's quite a small venue, quite intimate. It has a sophisticated air to it. I'm glad I wore my summer dress. I almost fit in! Gruz (www.gruzmusic.com) are due on at 11. They are headlining the joint! And my babe is on the drums. I love watching him perform. He looks so at home behind the drums. We've had the odd wobbly sinse we got on the road, but I think this is due to the general intensity of the situation. Its quite full on. But watching Gruz play and seeing the smile on Callum's face makes it all worth while. It's a once in a life time oppertunity, and I'm priveledged to be spending it with him. Time for an evening beverage to accompany an evening of music and good company.

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Gearing up for the CC's gig

all seasons in one day

We are currently on our way to the first gig in Amsterdam. The gig is at 10 at CC music cafe. It's a pretty nice drive; looking out on to the aftermath dark clouds from today's stormy weather. The sun peaks from behind lining then with a silver band. Despite the glistens from the sun, the intense grey clouds make promises of rain. Horaay for indoor music gigs!

Callum is quite nervous, but really looking forward to getting back in to the music side of the tour. We are both curious as to what the reception is going to be like and both optimistic. It should be a good gig. The Dutch are all about friendliness. I am a bit apprehensive, as around gig time is when I feel a bit like a spare part, although Callum tries his best to make this not so. The soundtrack to this blog entry is the Blood Sugar Sex Magic album by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. A timeless classic. The heavens have literally just opens. Streams of rain fill the streets. And the windscreen. This drive may take longer than expected.

Check out www.gruzmusic.com

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