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So here we are in cologne. Surroundings: beautiful. Weather; clear blue skies with sun drenched trees. Mood; refreshed and optimistic. I was quite nervous about this trip to say the least. I had my worries, which of course in true Jess fashion, I made them bigger and scarier. Although to be fair, it would appear that was the old Jess fashion. The new Jess is of a much more chilled out persona. I think that has a lot to do with the present company. And the general refreshed view on life and all of its benefits. Yes, life *can* be pretty sweet, if you let it be so.

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This is the blog of Callum and Jess. Or CJ If you prefer.  It's a happy blog, with flavours of excitement, comedy, romance, and everything in between. See, we don't really do things by halves. Maybe we like the challenge, like the learning curve, or maybe it's because we are ginger. We met in a whirl wind of self exploration, fears, and crazy landlords, but that is a story for another time. To paint a picture; in the past two months we have found each other, found a house, found our lovely Matilda, and found bits of our mind that we'd been looking for, for some time. We thought we'd do the whole lot. Why not! 

Callum is a drummer in the band Gruz. They are a progressive band, born from the doors of BIMM, forming two years ago. When Callum and I met, they were a month or so away from going on their first tour around Europe. So I decided to jump on the band wagon and here we are, in Europe! Germany to be precise. We have not long crossed the border. It was a bit of a rocky start. Alarms were set, bags were packed, and the best intentions were there. But they weren't to materialise. The first memory of today was to be a 6:30 am casually paced wake up, a warm shower and a mass of cuddles. That was not the case. Our first wake up was a call from Gruz, eagerly waiting outside our house to pick us up while we were blissfully unaware in the land of nod. Luckily we had packed our bag the night before so all that was left to do was to get dressed and go. The waking up would have to be left for the van. Or if sleep was to be our choice of activity, there would be no problem here; the van is lush! Ample room to stand, lounge, sit, not equip for cartwheeling but thats ok, cartwheels are overrated. Callum and i have the back row to ourselves. Fantastic news! Yes, i think this is quite the adequate space to spend the next ten hours. Time to get comfy!

Passports...check. Tent...check. Energy and stamina...debatable. Off we go! See you on the other side.

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